Here is the process for applying for a lease:

1. Fill out the TAR Lease Application and and Authorization to Release Information Related to a 

    Residential Lease Applicant. Be sure to provide phone numbers addresses for employer and past 

    Landlords. Without all information completed, your application cannot be reviewed and evaluated.


    See Lease Application Form below.


2. Sign pages 3 and 4 and email to or fax to 214-292-8539.


3. The application fee is a total of $59.95.

      A. Pay the $45.00 processing fee by entering you name & Street address for the rental property

          and clicking on the "Buy Now" button


Processing Fee - $45
Enter Lease Property Address

      B. You will receive an email from Experian requesting authorization to run your credit report and

          provide access to FRY Realty to review it. Their fee is $14.95 and you will receive a copy of 

          your credit report directly from them.


4. Upon reviewing your application, contacting your references and reviewing your credit report

    with the Landlord, you will be notified of the decision on your application. If all steps are not

    completed, no decision will be made.